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I was awaken by a loud knock on my door and when I stood up to see what was the knock all about I heard sirens outside our house. I went out to my room’s balcony and what I saw seriously scared the hell out of me. There were a dozen and more firetrucks outside, there were policemen and PSG (Presidential Security Guard). Obviously there was a fire! I ran back inside and woke up my Lurve, we immediately looked out my window which faces a different direction away from my balcony. There we saw a huge fire upon seeing it we rushed outside my room to check-out my brothers. We even heard a loud explosion which we guessed as the sound of a gas (LPG) explosion.

When we went down astonishingly my brothers were still asleep, my parents, the 2 kasambahays and our security guard (malamang!!) were on their feet. So I no longer panicked. Besides the fire was far from our place, it only seemed near because the smoke was too big. We went back to my room to watch the action from below.

The fire lasted for about 30 minutes, thanks to the dozen and more firetrucks, two dozens and more fire fighters, to the coordinated teamwork of the policemen and PSG and most importantly thanks to God he did not allow anyone to get hurt by the fire.




To those who can not accept their selves and allowing other people to transform them into something they are not.


To those who are enveloped by their senseless orthodox views. Those who think they are better than the people who they say belong to the “different kind.”


When my Lurve and I woke up this morning the first thing she did is to go online. Why? Because she was craving for some Mexican stuff so she searched for Tia Maria’s website address. She found it and her “drool moment” started. So we decided to have dinner at Tia Maria’s. Oh, I also acquired her “Mexican craving virus.”


See you later, Tia Maria’s!! 😀

Early Morning RANT

Photo source: http://gocaferacer.com/images/myspace/

I want to salvage someone. Hahaha! 😀 No, wait. I want that guy to undergo the “barang” torture method then beg for me to kill him instead. Nyahahaha! >;b

Sunday cool-down

This past weekend the gang and I went out-of-town to chill. 😉 Saturday was Tagaytay day while Sunday was Laguna day.

We went to Splash Island yesterday and tore the place down! Good thing there were no long lines and no pesky brats running around the water park. The only thing that bothered us was a group of low-class whores. Pardon me, it is not a habit for me to put a nasty label to people but those whores made a remark that is unforgivable.

GOD! They all looked the same. They all looked like a hairy horse’s ass! They also looked like “puwet ng kaldero” or in English, an overused pot bottom. They were with a “Joe” and you would know whether a girl is a hooker or a pimp. Also it seems that the younger sister of the Joe’s girlfriend has a future just like her big sister. There was a cute Korean/Japanese young guy in the park and the hooker’s sister and girl cousins approached the K/J guy and asked for his number. DUH?!?!? The guy ignored them and by the looks of it, was mortified. No wonder some foreigners come here only for the paid sex.

Anyway, enough with the angry atmosphere. The bottom line here is that we had a BLAST in Splash Island. For the rest of the weekend getaway, I will post more later or tomorrow. 🙂