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I was awaken by a loud knock on my door and when I stood up to see what was the knock all about I heard sirens outside our house. I went out to my room’s balcony and what I saw seriously scared the hell out of me. There were a dozen and more firetrucks outside, there were policemen and PSG (Presidential Security Guard). Obviously there was a fire! I ran back inside and woke up my Lurve, we immediately looked out my window which faces a different direction away from my balcony. There we saw a huge fire upon seeing it we rushed outside my room to check-out my brothers. We even heard a loud explosion which we guessed as the sound of a gas (LPG) explosion.

When we went down astonishingly my brothers were still asleep, my parents, the 2 kasambahays and our security guard (malamang!!) were on their feet. So I no longer panicked. Besides the fire was far from our place, it only seemed near because the smoke was too big. We went back to my room to watch the action from below.

The fire lasted for about 30 minutes, thanks to the dozen and more firetrucks, two dozens and more fire fighters, to the coordinated teamwork of the policemen and PSG and most importantly thanks to God he did not allow anyone to get hurt by the fire.