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Sunday cool-down

This past weekend the gang and I went out-of-town to chill. 😉 Saturday was Tagaytay day while Sunday was Laguna day.

We went to Splash Island yesterday and tore the place down! Good thing there were no long lines and no pesky brats running around the water park. The only thing that bothered us was a group of low-class whores. Pardon me, it is not a habit for me to put a nasty label to people but those whores made a remark that is unforgivable.

GOD! They all looked the same. They all looked like a hairy horse’s ass! They also looked like “puwet ng kaldero” or in English, an overused pot bottom. They were with a “Joe” and you would know whether a girl is a hooker or a pimp. Also it seems that the younger sister of the Joe’s girlfriend has a future just like her big sister. There was a cute Korean/Japanese young guy in the park and the hooker’s sister and girl cousins approached the K/J guy and asked for his number. DUH?!?!? The guy ignored them and by the looks of it, was mortified. No wonder some foreigners come here only for the paid sex.

Anyway, enough with the angry atmosphere. The bottom line here is that we had a BLAST in Splash Island. For the rest of the weekend getaway, I will post more later or tomorrow. 🙂


…..and so the Blood, Gore and Alcohol weekend continues.

After a week I finally got over my laziness to post this. (Sorry L. 🙂 )

Anyway, last Saturday night L, my high school best bud, went to my place to hangout and, I guess, get drunk? Ha-ha! 😀 Seriously, she went to my place to smoke. Yes, that was the original plan but eventually we can not resist the temptation and fell for our throat’s desire; desire to DRINK! We bought a dozen of bottles of Tanduay Ice and finished up a J. Cuervo which was stuck here in my room for a month or so. I drunk 8 bottles of Tanduay Ice so that would be like an intake of (only) 40% alcohol. Well, I was not in the mood to drink hard stuff so yeah. L drunk J. Cuervo and she was totally wasted! Nyahahaha! 😀

She was an emotional wreck while I was the bewildered Belinda. She cried for an hour or so and kept on talking about cheesy stuff. I, being the bewildered one, just let her be. I thought it was better to let her do the talking to ease her pain. After her outburst of tears and, pardon me for this, almost endless throw-ups she finally went kapush! She fell asleep and she left me alone with a bottle of tequila and 4 more bottles of Tanduay Ice. At that moment, I knew it was all up to me to finish it all. Good thing L’s EX-BF showed-up and he saved the night. Well, not really. That was an overstatement. He did not save the night. He made it worst.(I won’t ponder anymore on this matter.)

At around 3 a.m. my GF called me up and told me to pick her up. So I did but before we went home we bought our post-drinking session meals. We went to Lola Ely’s and ordered to-go (2) hotsilogs, (2) tapsilogs and (2) lechon kawali. After which we finally went back to my place. It was almost 5 in the morning when we arrived, after eating we watched Transformers 1. We started the movie at 6 a.m. and ended it at 8 a.m. Finally, we called it a day and went to sleep. Tee-hee. :))