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Apathy Destroys Democracy

… be sensitive and care enough of the political and social injustices that hoard our society. For so many decades various forms of cruelty and abuse have overshadowed our willingness to grow and re-build an already torn world.

Few attempted to tear down the impossible walls of apathy and abuse but many blocked these attempts. The few were either ignored or worst, killed with their own words thus driving them to insanity. The powerful manipulated the ordinary people to mock and throw harsh fictionalized stories to the few fighters of freedom. The ordinary people on the other hand allowed the powerful to manipulate them. So now I wonder, who is worst? The powerful or the ordinary people? Oh my, my head is throbbing because of confusion.

Can someone shed light on all of us? Can someone or something tear down this impossible wall? I hope so because if this kind of society we have will continue then our world will just like be a dead planet.

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V's Mental Effect (on Me)

"People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people." *V – V for Vendetta

The first time I saw the trailer for V for Vendetta I immediately wanted to watch it. The "infatuation" I had with this movie was so sudden because of the main fact that it is, for me, one of those rare movies that can "authentically" provoke the watchers' minds.

Actually I find every dialogue lines from the movie very provocative that it inspired me further to continue voicing out my opinions about our country's government, several political and social issues. Since I am more of a "political critique" writer among the dialogue lines that made an impact on me is the one I stated above. It summarizes in a few simple words my thoughts on all governments. Indeed ALL governments should be afraid and respect the people for without them their country will cease to exist without the people's support.

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A Walk in the Prairie

I believe in love but I was not a big fan of forever. I had past relationships but I never seriously imagined myself growing old nor having a modest life with any of me exes. For me it was all for "the present" no future or what so ever. I even had this ex-girlfriend, we were together for more than a year and all those talks we had about our future were all pretend, plain daydreams and false hopes.

I admit it must have been rude for me to just agree with all her future plans for us but not truly believing in it nor being serious about it. It was all part of the "present relationship." Eventually we broke up and I felt like I was in purgatory. I was so devastated then until I met Bean.

At first I never thought, even the slightest hint that Bean and I would be together. We had a complicated start and it seemed that every force in the universe was against us. Our relationship was like headed for disaster but as we held on firmly to each other we realized that we are going to make it. We are a couple. We are partners. For 5 years we are living the wonderful realization that we are indeed together for keeps. 🙂

Magic 8 Ball

One of my personally-hated questions is THIS. In every job interview I went to they always asked me, "5-10 years from now, how or where do you see yourself?" and I would be completely blanked. Its not that I do not have a plan or I do not intend to have a life 5-10 years from now. Its just that I am not the type of person who would want to over-plan things in my life because if i do then I will be overly-aggressive to achieve things when I should already be satisfied with what I have. I do not want to be like those people who for their being so aggressive and well-planned with life forget that they still need to breathe and re-compose their goals in life.

For the sole purpose of blogging I would say that 10 years from now all want is to have a satisfied and quiet life with my Love. i do not want to be a millionaire, all I want is to have a modest life. I also want to be a well-accomplished writer by that time or I can also be an owner of a "carinderia" or in English, a canteen.

I only dream of simple things not because I am afraid to dream bigger rather I believe that in my case simple things can make my life complete. 🙂


ADULT was such a strong word for me when I was still a teenager not only because being an adult meant more responsibility but it also meant a wider scope of independence.

For some they were given opportunities where they can instantly realize that they have become an adult while some, including me, haven't realized that the ADULT WORLD has already embraced them. The realization will only come when a very random and not-so eventful happening takes place.

For me this event was in a party where almost all the attendees were "underage." This party was actually a debutante's party so booze were all over the place since being 18 also meant to be drinking legally. Eventually after 2 hours or so the kids were all drunk, and I mean ALL. They were literally bumping into each other, they even broke two tables and made the bar's comfort room a hell zone. So with all those over-dramatic scenes I blurted out, "Look at these kids! They are soooo over-the-top! Pesky kids." Then it hit me that I also experienced the same over-dramatic scenes when I was still "illegally" drinking only mine was worst. So I was not in the position to judge those (pesky) kids. On that very moment all the things I experienced and overcame suddenly flashed in my head then I realized that I am indeed an adult already.

I already knew that I am already classified under the Adult category but all I needed was a confirmation that I am indeed an Adult, physically and mentally. So I got what I was asking for BUT maybe one thing I am proud of is that I didn't hasten myself to be an adult. I cherished every moment, every chance and every experience of my journey from being a "teeny-bopper" into being an Adult. 🙂



Since I was a kid in Grade School I was already an OUT and PROUD bookworm. I was even included in the TOP 5 Borrowers of our school library, I remember I was able to borrow ALL the Nancy Drew books and Hardy boys books from our library and to tell you honestly, I enjoyed every moment of reading those books. It was like I was also part of the investigative team of Drew and the Hardy Boys. As such a young age my imagination was already flying wildly into space and if I had the chance to grasp my every daydream tidbits then I would still be grasping for it until now for my imagination never stopped from flying.


After a hard day's work I usually go straight to my room, turn on the TV then sit on my favorite Yellow Fever couch. I would take a rest for an hour or when a TV sitcom or a worthy teleserye is on i would take a 3 to 4 hour rest while having my dinner. After watching I would take my late-night shower then put on my colorful pajamas. 🙂

After my late-night routine I would normally surf the net to (a,) check my work-related emails (b.) update my Tweets (c.) check if there are new FB notifications and (d.) to either post new stuff or simply surf Tumblr. 🙂

When Mr. Dream finally takes a toll on me i would already go to sleep… BUT without my favorite "de- stresser;" there is no better way to end my day but to cuddle with my Love. :))