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When my Lurve and I woke up this morning the first thing she did is to go online. Why? Because she was craving for some Mexican stuff so she searched for Tia Maria’s website address. She found it and her “drool moment” started. So we decided to have dinner at Tia Maria’s. Oh, I also acquired her “Mexican craving virus.”


See you later, Tia Maria’s!! 😀



It should not be manic Monday instead it should be manic Wednesday! I had an ordinary Monday, a working day with some snippets of gossip and stuff but other than that it was a plain working day. Then Tuesday came it went well because I finished my main priorities for that day and then better because my Love came over to my place and spent the night there. Then Wednesday, “the” manic Wednesday.

My Dad, who happens to be also my boss, woke me up with his booming voice. Why? Because of the freaking camera. He wanted me to teach him how to use it. He even wanted to use my old DLSR but honestly I am having second thoughts to lend him that. Yes, I know he bought it for me but what if he lose it in China?! I know its old but I love my things. Anyway going back to the subject, he wanted me to teach him but he was in a hurry so he told me to teach him in the office instead. He said I should leave the house in 5 minutes. So being my boss and his employee I moved like a panther! It was a major, major stress!

So when I arrived at the office, guess what? He had a meeting with two of our employees. So I waited, I even held back my urge to go to the comfort room for the reason that he might suddenly call me while I am inside the comfort room which is of course a hassle for the both of us. I do not like to be interrupted while I am in the ladies room while he do not like to be waiting. I waited for an hour and then what? He left. Yes, he left without saying a word to me. Then I just told myself, “GREAT. What a manic Wednesday.



Doesn’t it tick you off when you want a quiet night then someone/some people/something will suddenly ruin it?! Well, I am so ticked-off right now!

I badly needed a quiet night so I can concentrate with my workload. I seriously planned to work tonight but due to unexpected circumstances a group of bad-ass posers ruined my plan! I do not fucking know what the hell these group is celebrating. I do not condemn their celebration but I do condemn their NOISE! If they want to fucking get drunk and wasted then they should just go to a private place and there they can fucking get wasted.

I thought the government of Manila banned drinking in public places? How come this action is still rampant everywhere?! It’s even rampant here in Malacanang! Can you believe it?! Public drinking within the vicinity of Philippines’ seat of power?! FUCK! This place should implement DISCIPLINE! How can the rest of the barangays in the Philippines implement discipline when the barangays within Malacanang’s area do not implement it?! THESE BARANGAYS SHOULD SET AN EXAMPLE, A GOOD AND BENEFICIAL EXAMPLE!

The photo below depicts how I feel and look like now.


M to the second power

These past weeks we found a new team-mate. Technically, she is not new I already know her for about 6 years or so. I referred to her as a new team-mate because it was just these past weeks that we got the chance to go out and hang out with her. It turned out she was F-U-N to be with! There were no dull and depressing moments with her.

Introducing, MAGGIE! 🙂


Pills and Tears

I tried to divert the pain. I tried to shut my eyes. I tried to fake my smile. I tried to be numb.

I don’t want to retrace my steps. I don’t want to reminisce what’s already gone.

I don’t want to go back to what I already forgot. I don’t want to feel the betrayal and the deception. I don’t want to go back to my already burnt-out home.

I wanted to be strong; I wanted to be the tears I cried.

I wanted to be the pills I took. You completely numbed my system and I can’t fight it; I can’t fight it or I just don’t want to fight it, either of the two one fact remains…

I love you…

I am paralyzed without you. I am fragile without your love. I am cold without your touch. Indeed you are my strength, my weakness. You are the extremities offered by life. You are that one special person I just can’t get enough of. Pills and tears… pills and tears… pills and tears… oh God, I hope these help.


She let her troubles fade away with the smoke of her cigar.

Apathy Destroys Democracy

… be sensitive and care enough of the political and social injustices that hoard our society. For so many decades various forms of cruelty and abuse have overshadowed our willingness to grow and re-build an already torn world.

Few attempted to tear down the impossible walls of apathy and abuse but many blocked these attempts. The few were either ignored or worst, killed with their own words thus driving them to insanity. The powerful manipulated the ordinary people to mock and throw harsh fictionalized stories to the few fighters of freedom. The ordinary people on the other hand allowed the powerful to manipulate them. So now I wonder, who is worst? The powerful or the ordinary people? Oh my, my head is throbbing because of confusion.

Can someone shed light on all of us? Can someone or something tear down this impossible wall? I hope so because if this kind of society we have will continue then our world will just like be a dead planet.

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