A curious fall into Maia's berserk mind.


“The Truth Commission was put to a halt by the Supreme Court.”
The people and PNoy’s team should have seen this coming. There is a silent rumor that Gloria Macapagal- Arroyo has her own “solid” backers in the government and these backers could actually help her dodge the arms of justice. The justification provided by the SC basically argues that the Truth Commission blatantly goes against the Philippine constitution. It was stated that it violates the equal protection clause of the Constitution. I accept their justification but I do not and will never find it real that they just want to be “noble and righteous” by defending the Philippine Constitution.
If the Truth Commission violates the Constitution then how does GMA’s (allegedly) corrupt and vicious ways violate the Constitution? Now, if the SC can not be bended to approve the Truth Commission then PNoy and his team should start collating ideas to build a “constitutionally legal” group that will investigate the past government’s works and to assure and deliver to the public that this team has indeed obligingly and honestly done their job.
As of the moment, anyone who has clearly seen the Philippine politics arena would know that the SC was being hypocritical and it was being a defender of an evil-minute personality. This just confirms that GMA indeed has her own group of (disgusting psychopathic) minions in the judiciary system.


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