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Blood, Gore and Alcohol weekend

Laundromat scene from Ninja Assassin

Shadow fight from Ninja Assassin

I spent my two days of stress-free weekend in my humble abode with my best friend, my best friend’s ex (Its confirmed, EX) and my GF. So here’s the time line:

Saturday mid-noon to afternoon: I watched three films of the same genre and these are the following:

(a) Ninja Assassin – which I found out was an absolute breath-stopper, every scene of the movie made me open my mouth in awe and shock . It also made me squint my eyes to, somehow, avoid seeing gory stuff BUT I failed. I can not simply turn my head away from the screen. RAIN has a FINE body, he is one effing FIIIINNNNEEEE ninja! WHEW! Ninja Assassin served well my craving for some gory shit (without the exaggerated effects).

(b and c) The Godfather 1 and 2 – EPIC. It was already a childhood dream to have my own Godfather DVD collection and I did! Well, my Love did. Ha-ha! She gave me the collection as a birthday gift last year and ever since every time I watch the trilogy I am still fully engrossed with every scene and every actor. Among the three Godfather installments my favorite would be The Godfather II because it did not only narrate how Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) continued and preserved the “family business,” it alsoΒ  showed how the great Vito Corleone (Robert de Niro/Marlon Brando) came to be.

Oh, if I was Kay Adams (Diane Keaton) I will never leave Michael Corleone; just saying! πŸ™‚ We could just use our money and power to protect our family, yeah? We can buy our own island, strictly no trespassing will be implemented and all. Heh πŸ˜‰

So those are the films I watched before my best friend, her Ex and my Love got together in my place. As for the alchohol and booze session we had, I will just post another one.

See yah! πŸ™‚