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It should not be manic Monday instead it should be manic Wednesday! I had an ordinary Monday, a working day with some snippets of gossip and stuff but other than that it was a plain working day. Then Tuesday came it went well because I finished my main priorities for that day and then better because my Love came over to my place and spent the night there. Then Wednesday, “the” manic Wednesday.

My Dad, who happens to be also my boss, woke me up with his booming voice. Why? Because of the freaking camera. He wanted me to teach him how to use it. He even wanted to use my old DLSR but honestly I am having second thoughts to lend him that. Yes, I know he bought it for me but what if he lose it in China?! I know its old but I love my things. Anyway going back to the subject, he wanted me to teach him but he was in a hurry so he told me to teach him in the office instead. He said I should leave the house in 5 minutes. So being my boss and his employee I moved like a panther! It was a major, major stress!

So when I arrived at the office, guess what? He had a meeting with two of our employees. So I waited, I even held back my urge to go to the comfort room for the reason that he might suddenly call me while I am inside the comfort room which is of course a hassle for the both of us. I do not like to be interrupted while I am in the ladies room while he do not like to be waiting. I waited for an hour and then what? He left. Yes, he left without saying a word to me. Then I just told myself, “GREAT. What a manic Wednesday.