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Doesn’t it tick you off when you want a quiet night then someone/some people/something will suddenly ruin it?! Well, I am so ticked-off right now!

I badly needed a quiet night so I can concentrate with my workload. I seriously planned to work tonight but due to unexpected circumstances a group of bad-ass posers ruined my plan! I do not fucking know what the hell these group is celebrating. I do not condemn their celebration but I do condemn their NOISE! If they want to fucking get drunk and wasted then they should just go to a private place and there they can fucking get wasted.

I thought the government of Manila banned drinking in public places? How come this action is still rampant everywhere?! It’s even rampant here in Malacanang! Can you believe it?! Public drinking within the vicinity of Philippines’ seat of power?! FUCK! This place should implement DISCIPLINE! How can the rest of the barangays in the Philippines implement discipline when the barangays within Malacanang’s area do not implement it?! THESE BARANGAYS SHOULD SET AN EXAMPLE, A GOOD AND BENEFICIAL EXAMPLE!

The photo below depicts how I feel and look like now.