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We need to take part in redeeming ourselves.

TO THE MEDIA: You did your part in ruining our country. No matter what you say it will never change the fact that you also have faults. C’mon do you need to wait for the President to order a news blackout? But if what if the President did order for a news blackout what would your reaction be? Of course you will violently react something like , “There is no freedom of speech! There is no democracy!” blah blah blah blah!

TO THE POLICE FORCE: A simple logical analysis and careful strategic planning should have changed everything. Do you guys do not have any of these?!

TO THE HIGHER OFFICIALS: This is the result of your “pampapogi” points during election, promise and promise then what? NOTHING.

TO PAST OFFICIALS: This is the outcome of your rotten character and selfish personal desires. If only you allotted enough budget to the improvement of our police force then maybe the bloody hostage drama would have been prevented.

TO PRESIDENT NOY: I believe that you can do everything being the president of the Philppines you can change the current standing of our “Nation’s Finest.” Please use your power to truly educate not only our police force but all of the public servants who swore to protect us.

TO THE FILIPINOS: This is a wake-up call! Having a joyful disposition in life can sometimes help but we should know that in a tragedy like this,which I pray and hope won’t lead to a racial war, to be sensitive and respectful to the grieving would make the anger and animosity somehow pacified. But from what I see on several blog sites some Filipinos, including the police, are too joyful, too eager to be in a fiesta mood. BE SENSITIVE!