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…..and so the Blood, Gore and Alcohol weekend continues.

After a week I finally got over my laziness to post this. (Sorry L. 🙂 )

Anyway, last Saturday night L, my high school best bud, went to my place to hangout and, I guess, get drunk? Ha-ha! 😀 Seriously, she went to my place to smoke. Yes, that was the original plan but eventually we can not resist the temptation and fell for our throat’s desire; desire to DRINK! We bought a dozen of bottles of Tanduay Ice and finished up a J. Cuervo which was stuck here in my room for a month or so. I drunk 8 bottles of Tanduay Ice so that would be like an intake of (only) 40% alcohol. Well, I was not in the mood to drink hard stuff so yeah. L drunk J. Cuervo and she was totally wasted! Nyahahaha! 😀

She was an emotional wreck while I was the bewildered Belinda. She cried for an hour or so and kept on talking about cheesy stuff. I, being the bewildered one, just let her be. I thought it was better to let her do the talking to ease her pain. After her outburst of tears and, pardon me for this, almost endless throw-ups she finally went kapush! She fell asleep and she left me alone with a bottle of tequila and 4 more bottles of Tanduay Ice. At that moment, I knew it was all up to me to finish it all. Good thing L’s EX-BF showed-up and he saved the night. Well, not really. That was an overstatement. He did not save the night. He made it worst.(I won’t ponder anymore on this matter.)

At around 3 a.m. my GF called me up and told me to pick her up. So I did but before we went home we bought our post-drinking session meals. We went to Lola Ely’s and ordered to-go (2) hotsilogs, (2) tapsilogs and (2) lechon kawali. After which we finally went back to my place. It was almost 5 in the morning when we arrived, after eating we watched Transformers 1. We started the movie at 6 a.m. and ended it at 8 a.m. Finally, we called it a day and went to sleep. Tee-hee. :))