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Santa’s Factory is buzzing again ….

Christmas lights in our office’s 2/F banister (2009)

The “ber” months have started and I can hear Santa’s factory buzzing and humming again, well, metaphorically speaking. When September 1 came I did not bother to count the days and let it sink into me. I just realized that the “ber” months are here and Christmas is just around the corner when I counted the days before my 24th birthday which is on the 21st of September. When it struck me I exclaimed to my Love, “Shit! My birthday’s coming so fast! And after this October then November then December!” Then I groaned, why? Because traffic here in Manila will be worst than worst. As if the traffic in an ordinary day is not enough to torture our physical and mental health.  I guess it is part of growing up that you come to a point in your life when you just feel blah when Christmas arrives. You lose interest in Christmas. You lose that exciting feeling of buying gifts and reuniting with your long-lost relatives and friends. You somehow become the Grinch.

The Grinch, taken from examiner.com via google.com.ph

But then again I, I mean we, should look at the brighter side of things. I know this is a cliché but believe me it works! There are countless reasons why we should be happy when Christmas comes like: (a) The yummy foods that our relatives prepare and work hard for (luckily I have a family of good cooks, ha-ha!) (b) the Christmas bonus that our company gives (c) the unexpected and expected gifts we get for Christmas (d) the drunk /fucked-up moments because of the overflowing of booze and (e) you have the excuse to be all crazily sweet (but not that sweet) with your Love. Well, these basically summarize my reasons why we all should look forward to for Christmas. Maybe for you and for everybody else there are a lot more reasons and different reasons. Nevertheless, whatever your reasons are we should avoid the “Grinch mood.” So with all due respect let us all welcome, CHRISTMAS! 🙂