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“The Truth Commission was put to a halt by the Supreme Court.”
The people and PNoy’s team should have seen this coming. There is a silent rumor that Gloria Macapagal- Arroyo has her own “solid” backers in the government and these backers could actually help her dodge the arms of justice. The justification provided by the SC basically argues that the Truth Commission blatantly goes against the Philippine constitution. It was stated that it violates the equal protection clause of the Constitution. I accept their justification but I do not and will never find it real that they just want to be “noble and righteous” by defending the Philippine Constitution.
If the Truth Commission violates the Constitution then how does GMA’s (allegedly) corrupt and vicious ways violate the Constitution? Now, if the SC can not be bended to approve the Truth Commission then PNoy and his team should start collating ideas to build a “constitutionally legal” group that will investigate the past government’s works and to assure and deliver to the public that this team has indeed obligingly and honestly done their job.
As of the moment, anyone who has clearly seen the Philippine politics arena would know that the SC was being hypocritical and it was being a defender of an evil-minute personality. This just confirms that GMA indeed has her own group of (disgusting psychopathic) minions in the judiciary system.



The power of the Church in the Philippines should be diminished. The so-called disciples of Jesus are being abusive to their power. Yes, we are a Catholic country but it does not mean that we all should succumb to ancient traditions that obviously are not relevant to the ever-changing society. I do not propose that we will live in an atheist society rather we should live in a society where equality, open-mindedness and the good of the many are the top priorities.

They say the locals of China and North Korea are blind followers. I say Filipinos are blind followers as well.

Where is the fine line that separates Politics from the Church? I think that line needs to be re-painted.

Goddamit, listen up and learn from our history!

I am so tired of hearing fickle-minded Filipinos demanding or saying PNoy to resign! If he’ll resign then Binay will take over? RIGHT. This tragedy is not his to bear alone. This tragedy is not a call for him to step down. If other politicians served the country for like an eternity yet endless scandals and controversies circle them and they did not step down then how can you strongly justify your call for Noynoy’s resignation? Just because PNoy listens or opens his communication line to us it does not mean that we should abuse that communication. I am a supporter of PNoy but this does not necessarily mean that I will not criticize my own just because I like him. As they say if you like your politician to be of great service to the people then even though you are a supporter you should also tell him/her his/her flaws so s/he can improve his/her service to the nation. In other words, you should also be the politician’s eyes and ears.

This is the problem with us, no president has always been enough for the demands of the Filipinos and I think there will never be one. No matter how a president handles things there will alway be sectors and politicians who will try to bring the leader down. We always depend on our nation’s leader but we have to learn that this is not a one-man show. We are all expected to do our part in helping our severely bruised country.

goddamnit, listen up and learn from our history!


From the news I’ve heard, watched and read the two policemen who are now in the spotlight are both decorated public servants. Both received a handful of prestigious and finest awards. But how come they are now facing the society’s garrote of death?

It is not a mind-boggling puzzle to know the reason why these two policemen are now placed into the hall of shame of Philippine history. The first police man I am referring to is Chief Inspector Joselito Binayug, chief of Police Community Precinct (PCP) in Asuncion, Tondo, Manila. He was included in the Philippines’ Top 10 Outstanding Policemen. But this award is not a good basis of one’s character. His brutality on an alleged suspect was caught on video and eventually released to the public. Although there were earlier evidences of police brutality it did not make a huge impact on the public. I might as well guess that the recent police brutality video caught the public more because of the current position of our government and the whole nation toward the known and unknown actions of Philippines’ public servants.

The other poilice officer that I am pertaining to is Rolando Mendoza. He was relieved from his position when he was charged with extortion and forcing a chef to swallow “shabu.” He was among the Philippines’ Top 10 Outstanding Policemen, and was also given other awards and medals. But where is he now? In purgatory. He may not have brutally tortured his victims but he did brutally kill them. He held hostage more than 20 Hong Kong nationals together with three Filipinos. He may have released 10 or so hostages including the 3 Filipinos but still the hostage drama took a bloody toll. At the end of the day, there were 7 or so who were murdered by Mendoza while the others were badly injured and/or traumatized. The whole world watched the drama take its toll. Mendoza wanted attention and he did get it. The only problem is the whole world was watching and together with Mendoza’s death was Philippines and the Filipinos downfall. Mendoza, how can you be so selfish and mental?!

Both were given the highest honors in the country, both were “good police men” in their own right (as what their neighbors, relatives and colleagues said) but what did they do to prove that they deserved to be honored? They did something but not be honored rather to be dishonored. If these men are to be the “nation’s finest” then I must say then we are in for a BIG trouble.

Is it safe to say that the recipients of the awards and the highest merits given by the Philippine government were all based on poor judgement and loose facts? Then if it is then those medals are nothing but scrap. Can someone redeem our “nation’s finest?!”