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Sunday cool-down

This past weekend the gang and I went out-of-town to chill. 😉 Saturday was Tagaytay day while Sunday was Laguna day.

We went to Splash Island yesterday and tore the place down! Good thing there were no long lines and no pesky brats running around the water park. The only thing that bothered us was a group of low-class whores. Pardon me, it is not a habit for me to put a nasty label to people but those whores made a remark that is unforgivable.

GOD! They all looked the same. They all looked like a hairy horse’s ass! They also looked like “puwet ng kaldero” or in English, an overused pot bottom. They were with a “Joe” and you would know whether a girl is a hooker or a pimp. Also it seems that the younger sister of the Joe’s girlfriend has a future just like her big sister. There was a cute Korean/Japanese young guy in the park and the hooker’s sister and girl cousins approached the K/J guy and asked for his number. DUH?!?!? The guy ignored them and by the looks of it, was mortified. No wonder some foreigners come here only for the paid sex.

Anyway, enough with the angry atmosphere. The bottom line here is that we had a BLAST in Splash Island. For the rest of the weekend getaway, I will post more later or tomorrow. 🙂